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Uvala Torac (outfit post)/ Bay Torac (outfit post)

If I look ridicously happy on these photographs, it is because I felt that way. Island Hvar can do that to you. I praised this part of the island where my village Gdinj is situated, but in the interest of honesty, I should admit to you that the road on this part of the island is not that great. You can see how narrow if you scroll down. It is not that you have to worry about damaging your car or anything like that, the road is not that bad, but you probably won't enjoy the ride that much. In the interest of full diclosure, I had to mention this. However, I think these enchating bays are worth a bit of trouble. The tourists seem to agree and they don't seem to mind much the poor condition of the road. Scroll down and see for yourself. This year you already had the chance to see bay Torac in several posts this April( one of those posts  here ) and a few days ago ( here ). Ako izgledam smiješno sretno na ovim fotografijama, to je zato što sam se tako osjećala. Otok Hvar ima t