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Warmth is important / Toplina je važna

What can I say about today's outfit? Paring jeggings with a sweater dress (or if you wish you can also call it a long sweater) is no brainer. Doc martens are always a good choice and often I like to wear them like this, with socks rolled up over the boots. If the socks in question are wool ones, then one is pretty sure that his or her feet will be extremely warm. This beanie is also made from wool and what makes it very special is the fact that my grandmother made it for me. Wool is great because it helps us stay warm. Cold lowers our immunity (i.e. makes us immune system more vulnerable), so it is important to stay warm during Winter. To finish this look, I opted for this lovely necklace ( here ) and this elegant bag because I like how they create a contrast with this otherwise grunge outfit.  Što mogu reći o današnjoj kombinaciji. Kombinacija tajica ( koje su imitacija jeansa) s džemper haljinom (možemo reći i s dugim džemperom) je nekako logična. Martensice su uvijek doba