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Inspired by....Matea

Well, this is somewhat different than what I usually share with you in my Inspired by feature. As you know if you a follower (even a recent one), in this feature I tend to post my illustrations of bloggers. This is (as you can see) an illustration of a teddy bear. First time I drew one, I believe. Still, I felt like it belongs into this feature. Why? Because this particular feature is all about sharing what bloggers inspire me. It is about what I like most about blogging- the interaction between blogs.  That is why I have recently increased the amount of this kind of 'inspired by' posts. It doesn't mean that I will not at same point in future blog about others things. It just means that blogging interaction matters to me.  I love the fact that we can inspire one another. That is why I always leave links, so you can check out what inspired me....Speaking of which, this time I was inspired by an amazing project currently being run by Matea from blog Smile Snap Sparkle .