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 Hello there! How's your weekend turning out so far? I've been working on new fashion illustrations all day. Today I'll show you two fashion sketches I made yesterday, the original medium for both of them is coloured pencils on paper but I also turned them into digital art and played around with that. Scroll down to see the original fashion drawings and the digital versions.  I LOVE THAT BLUE IS TRENDING NOW What both of these fashion sketches have in common is that they depict a combination of a blue sweater and a skirt. One of them depicts a blue sweater paired with an olive green pencil skirt and the other depicts it paired with a dark maxi skirt. The fashion sketch depicting the olive green skirt was inspired by one skirt that I actually own and love but more about that some other time. Bellow you can see me playing with some other colours and  reimagining these outfits as darker or lighter.  FEEL FREE TO CHECK OUT MY OTHER INSPIRED BY POSTS AND SEE WHAT OTHER BLOGGERS