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June and July (what I wore....) / Lipanj i Srpanj ( što sam nosila....)

I know I'm a bit late with publishing this post, but better late than never, right? Znam, znam...malo kasnim s ovom objavom , ali bolje ikad nego nikad, zar ne? 1 Rediscovering Split city.... 2 Pearls, sneakers and .... Why do I like wearing patterns?  3 Zašto volim nositi uzorke?    4 5 Princess Mononoke a good pair of sneakers is worth gold.... 6 My new creation and..... 7 8 Summer in Split city.... 9 Nautical print dress....and Summer in a city.... 10 What to wear....?Summertime Simplicity 11 my version of a school uniform 12 literary recommendations 13 why is DIY good for the soul? 14 throwback to last Summer 15 4 DIY items in 1 outfit 16 cheery print dress and cat ears DIY necklace and..... 17 18 What I wore......... 19 Is blue the colour of forgiveness? 20 Goranci (BIH)