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Drawing of the day / Crtež dana

I'm not sure how I feel about this drawing.  I kind of like it, but to be honest I don't really see the resemblance with the person I tried to illustrate. You can see the reference photograph here .  It is hard to find that balance between 'personal style' and 'realistic' style of drawing, especially when it comes to portraits. Although, I'm not quite sure I'm actually attempting portraits yet.  Maybe I should. Who dares wines:). I think I'll give this one another try, see how that works out. Nisam sigurna kakvo je moje mišljenje o ovome crtežu. Nekako mi se sviđa, ali ne vidim pravu sličnost s osobom koju sam ilustrirala. Možete pogledati fotografiju prema kojoj sam radila ovdje . Teško je pronaći tu ravnotežu između osobnoga stila i realnoga načina crtanja, pogotovo kada su portreti u pitanju. Iako, nisam sigurna da zapravo pokušavam raditi potrete još. Možda bi trebala. Tko ne riskira, ne profitira. :) Mislim da ću ovu pokušati ponovo pa vidj

A painting, an outfit and a DIY project (dark blue) / Slika, odjevna kombinacija i napravi sam projekt (modra)

I love how this painting turned out. The medium is acrylic on cardboard. Speaking of acrylic, I have done quite a few DIY projects using this kind of paints recently. In this post, you'll see one of those projects.  I painted over a pair of old boots with a dark blue acrylic paints. The same paint I used to paint the hair on this illustration. Long story short, my old boots are now dark blue. DIY projects are always fun. For me they are often more about practicing our creativity then about the end result. Was it really sensible to use acrylic paints on low quality shoewear? No, it wasn't. In some cases (albeit not in this one, these boots were sadly overpaid ) the paints themselves cost more than the shoes. However, the fun element has its value and so does the opportunity to practice our creativity. Sometimes that is what we need. As Tijana said, sometimes we can learn from baby pandas (you can see what she meant by there  here ). Sviđa mi se kako je ova slika ispala.