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Hello there! I'm back with more fashion illustrations featuring bloggers I love and follow and you know what that means. It's time for yet another Inspired by., that is, a regular feature on my blog where I illustrate and recommend bloggers. This time I illustrated Mica from blog Away from Blue   (these two outfits and this one )  Sheila from  Ephemera  (this outfit HERE ) and Blair from Atlantic Pacific . Scroll down to see and read more.  Despite this being a regular feature, I don't think it ever happened before that I posted six  Inspired by   p o s ts in a course of a week  or done so much illustrations in a relatively short span of time. I'm also currently working on some other art projects, such as landscapes and destination paintings. The way I was able do that was by putting all my time or energy into it.  My days lately are basically a circle of WAKE UP- ILLUSTRATE-BLOG-SLEEP-REPEAT. Today I have finally left my house, if only to buy new art supplies a