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My Experience Taking Art Courses at Art Center Michelangelo Mostar

I have  probably mentioned taking art classes at least a few times here on my blog. I've always loved art, so it is hardly surprising that I decided to take an art course. I took me a while to put together this post, because there were a lot of photographs that I wanted to include. In addition, I wanted to write about painting reproductions because that's an essential part of most traditional art courses. I did write about that when I posted Is Reproduction Painting a Good Way to Improve One's Painting Skills?   article so feel free to check that one as well. Over the years, I've showed you a number of paintings I made in those art courses I took, but I wanted to do a special post with most of them (and all of my most recent ones).  Basically, my story with art courses started a few years ago when I signed up for my first art classes at a local gallery here in Mostar. After I got my course degree, we (all the participants) had an exhibition together. It was a lo