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3 Ways To Wear an Illustrated Tote Bag in Summer!

 Nobody can dispute the practically of tote bags. They are one of those clothing items that have hardly changed, precisely because of the usability of their design. Tote bags have been popular since the early twentieth century, so they are nothing new. I have quite a few of them, some are vintage, some are new, some I even made myself. I use tote bags in two ways: to carry groceries (to avoid using disposable plastic bags), or like regular bags. I like wearing them both ways. One of the things I love about tote bags is the fact I can fit my art supplies and sketchbooks in them. I do think these bags can look very chic.   Tote bags became even more popular in recent times since they were seen as a perfect alternative to plastic disposable bags. Many tote bags have been made from recycled material for exactly that purpose. Unfortunately, people have started using tote bags the same way they use disposable plastic bags (i.e. disposing them) thus completely ruining the new environmenta