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How To Style a Ruffle Skirt? Awesome's Girls Club

Ruffles are here to stay! Is it just me or have printed ruffle skirts really been trending this summer? I keep seeing printed ruffled skirts around, especially in midi length. I really like this trend so I prepared my own styling suggestion. My outfit proposal of the day is all about styling a ruffle skirt so it's suitable for every day wear, but it still looks a bit dressed up (which is basically something I'm always trying to achieve because I like to feel a bit dressed up). Anyhow, I paired this ruffle skirt with a printed t- shirt I got from my aunt. I do like the print: 'Awesome's girls club'. It's sounds like a club I would like to join! Perhaps I should start one? What do you say? My aunt (who doesn't speak English btw), had actually asked the sale's girl to translate the writing before she bought this tee. Isn't that sweet? You know, I'd say that printed tees are a great way to make any outfit more casual and daytime appropriate.  Still,