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Fashion illustration of the day/ Modna ilustracija dana

Last night I hardly got any sleep, but I'm not complaining. I have spent most of the night reading Germinal by Zola. I may be feeling like a train ran me over right now, but such a novel is surely worth one sleepless night. There is no need to be overly elaborative in my praises for Germinal is considered to be a masterpiece ( besides this is not a literature blog). However, it is so great that it deserves a mention. What I was surprised with was just how emotional my reaction to it was. Long story short, I absolutely loved this classical work of literature. So, I do recommend you to read it (in case you haven't read it yet). Now, let's say a few words about my today's post.  This outfit was really fun to illustrate. I wore it last March but I didn't get the chance to post it before. I'm kind of glad I waited until now, because it ended up inspiring me to do this illustartion. I don't often illustrate myself because it is kind of boring because there isn&