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Hello, there! How are you? It's time for another Fashion Illustration Friday. This time (much like last Friday) I've put together some collages featuring my fashion illustrations and my photography. Lately, I'm into mixing the two and seeing what comes out. All the photographs I used in making these mixed art collages were taken recently in Jelsa (a small village and port) on island Hvar (Croatia). The fashion illustrations featured are all a few years old, I think. Most of them were done with watercolours but some are mixed media. Scroll down if you enjoy fashion illustration and want to be inspired. If you want to read a bit more about my art journey, here are links to my old posts:  - 10 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR FASHION ILLUSTRATION SKILLSFASHION ILLUSTRATION 2016 SHE IS COOLER THAN COOL - FASHION AND LOCATION ILLUSTRATION - MAKING OF A FASHION ILLUSTRATION - ILLUSTRATING A RUNAWAY LOOK - HOW I LEARNED TO ENJOY DRAWING MOREFASHION ILLUSTRATION TIP: NO PAIN, NO GAIN
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