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Hello, there! How are you? It's time for another Fashion Illustration Friday. This time (much like last Friday ) I've put together some collages featuring my fashion illustrations and my photography. Lately, I'm into mixing the two and seeing what comes out. All the photographs I used in making these mixed art collages were taken recently in Jelsa (a small village and port) on island Hvar (Croatia). The fashion illustrations featured are all a few years old, I think. Most of them were done with watercolours but some are mixed media. Scroll down if you enjoy fashion illustration and want to be inspired. If you want to read a bit more about my art journey, here are links to my old posts:  -  10 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR FASHION ILLUSTRATION SKILLS -  FASHION ILLUSTRATION 2016  -  SHE IS COOLER THAN COOL - FASHION AND LOCATION ILLUSTRATION - MAKING OF A FASHION ILLUSTRATION -  ILLUSTRATING A RUNAWAY LOOK -  HOW I LEARNED TO ENJOY DRAWING MORE -  FASHION ILL