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What to Wear for Sightseeing: Outfit Proposal For Strolling Split city + Interesting Facts about Split City (part 1)

Dressing for sightseeing seems simple enough. You wear comfortable clothes, right? But what is the true purpose of sightseeing? Why taking vacation photographs you can brag with! I'm kidding, obviously, but while I firmly believe in the importance of living in the moment, we all know taking photographs is often a part of our daily lives. Photographs allow us to recreate moments and memories. Moreover, if you like fashion (or happen to be a travel/lifestyle/ fashion blogger or influencer) you'd also want your outfit to look cute. It's as much about you as the sights. What? We feel better when we're happy with what we wear. My outfit proposal of the way is comfy, but eye-catching. I wore an animal print top (that I've been wearing since my adolescent days), a vintage yellow skirt ( a part of a vintage suit I own) and sneakers. The result? An outfit I loved but felt comfortable wearing. And now let's talk a bit about the sights, shall we?  What makes the his