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Imprimatur ( ...and why is leather jacket always a good choice? ...i zašto je kožna jakna uvijek dobar izbor?)

I bought Imprimatur by Rita Monaldi and Francesco Sorti a while back, but totally forgot about it. I discovered and read it last month.  I wouldn't go so far as calling it a page-turner but it was an interesting book to read. The fact that the authors did a lot of reasearch before publishing this novel was obvious but they could have done a better job presenting their finds. Long story short, it is an enjoyable read but it lacks dept. What Monaldi & Sorti wrote is not a bad book, but in opinion it is not really a novel. By that I mean it is not a work of literature.  It is not something that will be studied at the Universities. In other words, it's no Umberto Eco. The characters are a bit stereotyped and predictable. The plot is good but some things are repeated ad nauseum. I do recommend it as it seems to be better than what you can find in historical fiction genre these days. Plus, it is clear that the authors did put some effort into it. So, I give it my recommendant