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Nature Park Blidinje hides a gem of great beauty: magical lake Blidinje. In the presence of this lake, I found myself overwhelmed by a feeling of complete calmness, perhaps for the first time in many days. Enchanted by its beauty, I walked into the lake. While standing in the lake and gazing into the mountains in the distance, I had a feeling that the time itself halted and the great clock of life stood still. It was a kind of mythical experience, when you feel yourself both small and great before the immense and overwhelming natural beauty. 
I have always loved mountains, being surrounded by them my all life. Still, there is always something surreal about a mountain lake, a particular kind of beauty. A feeling of sacredness came over me. So many people regard mountains as sacred and I can understand why. Gazing at them while the wind played with my hair, and the sun stroked my skin, awoke a particular feeling inside if me, a state of tranquility, you might say. I believe this feelin…