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images from my life (sketches, work in progress, paintings, photographs) /slike iz života (skice, slike, radovi u tijeku, fotografije)

oil paints (unfinished) oil paints unfinished my unkept garden has its perks work in progress roses work in progress beautiful cat from the neighbourhood work in progess this canvas is driving me crazy.... it has been work in progress for months now.... soon it will be finished I hope ( oil paints) cake with apples and strawberries ( It wasn't burned, the top is carmelized sugar) my tools just a skecth I've going trough a rather strange period in my life. On daily basis I struggle with ongoing fever (for weeks now) for which I know neither the cause nor the cure. On other hand, I'm full of ideas and I stay up late working on so many different things and projects.  I've many idea but no naive optimism. More than ever before, time seems relative. Prolazim kroz neko čudno razdoblje. Svakog dana borim se sa povišenom temperaturom koja traje tjednima, a kojoj ne znam ni uzroka ni lijeka. Sa d