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Illustrations of the day (purple marker) / Ilustracije dana (ljubičasti marker)

Markers are not my favourite media, but sometimes it is good to challenge one's self. Working with just one marker is obviously limiting, but it is also kind of interesting. These monochrome illustrations turned out alright. Not my thing, but I'm glad I tried it. Anyhow, once I read somewhere that limitations can be really freeing- and  life proved it to me, over and over again. Sometimes it takes a limitation of some kind to make us realize how much is really out there for us to utilize. Markeri mi i nisu najdraži medij, ali nekad je dobro uzeti nešto kao izazov. Crtati sa samo jednim markerom je očito ograničenje, ali je i nekako zanimljivo. Ove monokromatske ilustracije nisu loše ispale. Nije za mene, ali drago mi je da sam i to probala. Jednom sam negdje pročitala da ograničenja mogu oslobođavati- a puno puta život mi je baš to pokazao. Ponekad nam je potrebno neko ograničenje da shvatimo koliko toga doista ima čime se možemo koristiti.   

Inspired by.... Tijana

This drawing was inspired by Tijana from fashion abejita . The medium is pencil on paper.  Ovaj crtež je nadahnut Tijanom sa bloga fashion abejita . Medij je olovka na papiru.    INSTAGRAM BOOK TWITTER GOODREADS LOOKBOOK YOUTUBE

Fashion illustration of the day (blue) / Modna ilustracija dana (plava)


Slušaj i gledaj Latice, Latica Ivanišević (ogled knjige) Listen and observe, Latica (book review)

EN Latica  Ivanishevich, a Croatian artist, was born in Zagreb during forties ( in 1942 to be precise).  In Croatia, Latica is known primarily for her work as a costume and stage designer. However, Latica  has also exhibited on her own (jewellerly and art).   This book feels a bit like ears-dropping on a family conversation. Seeing the cover and this lovely photograph of Latica Ivanishevich, you might jump to the conclusion that this is a book about her. That is, however, not the case. She is certainly the author of the book, but this book is neither her autobiography, or her memoir. This is a book about her family. Moreover, it not just about immediate family (her parents, grandparents) but about many other important members of her family. In addition, many historical and political figures are mentioned.  The title of the book is a reference to the way she was raised. As Latica said in an  interview for Nacional: "Our home was frequented by some of the greatest artist a

Bathsheba (painting of the day) /(slika dana).

Does it ever happens to you that a quote gets stuck in your head? Today I want to talk about one   quote that I often remember. " It is difficult for a woman to define her feelings in language which is chiefly made by men to express theirs." This sentence was uttered by a heroine of Far From The Madding Crowd  , a novel by Thomas Hardy ( download it for free  here ). In the time Bathsheba  (the novel's protagonist) lived, this was certainly the truth. A man was the one who was supposed to express his romantic feelings to a woman, who was (in most cases- we're not speaking about prehistorical times) free to decline or accept these feelings. In a romantic dialogue, the power lies with the woman who is being courted, or so it might seem. But what happens if a woman is uncertain about her feelings? Or if she wants to take the initiative and be the first one to express her feelings in words? A woman was simply not expected to elaborate on her feelings, especially when

Fashion illustration of the day (modern princess) / Modna ilustracija dana (moderna princeza)

Here is my fashion illustration of the day. I illustrated a feminine maxi dress. The background is quite colourful because I wanted to convey a happy and festive atmosphere. The medium is acrylic colours on paper. Acrylic paints are not recommended for painting fashion illustrations, but I like to break the rules.  Evo moje modne ilustracije dana. Ilustrirala sam ženstvenu dugu haljinu. Pozadina je jako šarena jer sam htjela prikazati veselu i slavljeničku atmosferu. Medij su akrilne boje na papiru. Akrilne boje se ne preporučavaju za modnu ilustraciju, ali ja volim kršiti pravila.    INSTAGRAM BOOK TWITTER GOODREADS LOOKBOOK YOUTUBE