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Once a bookworm always a bookworm (outfit post) / Jednom knjiški crv uvijek knjiški crv (odjevna objava)

If I was a shoppingholic I would say : 'I was so happy when I bought this tote bag, I mean isn't this inscription so adorable?'. However, since I'm a DIYaholic, I must say: 'I was so happy when I hand painted this old tote bag. Isn't this incription I made so adorable?'. Hm, now that I think about it, there is a certain similiarity between a shopaholic and a DIYaholic. We're both passionate about things and we invest a certain amount of time in getting what we want. To each its own as they say, so far I prefer DIY, but there are certainly advantages to shopping, like not having to spend half a day cleaning your house after all your DIY projects. So you remember these sunglasses that I repainted recently? Well, there is another DIY element in the look and it is this lovely earring that I will talk more about  some other time..... In the meantime, you can see this tote bag styled for the first time  here . You can see one of my numerous 'let's