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How To Accessorize Summer Dresses? + Zaful Review

Welcome August! As the title of this post indicated, today we're going to talk about accessorizing summer dresses. I wrote a piece about layering summer dresses last month, so in a way this post is a continuation of that one. Today I'll show you some outfit ideas and we're talk a bit about accessorizing dresses in summer. I'll also do a review of   Zaful online store. Most of the items I'm going to show you today were gifted to me by the above mentioned store for the purpose of reviewing them.  HOW TO STYLE A VIBRANT PRINT FLORAL DRESS ? My first outfit proposal is a pencil dress worn with sandals and a tote bag. I accessorized with a pink scarf that seems to match this dress quite well. From other accessories, I also opted to wear sunglasses (a must in the summer), earrings and a watch. This was a very comfortable outfit to wear. I'm really happy with this dress, the material is very breathable and it's a good fit. This dress is perhaps a bit too b