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Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! I think I may have found THE perfect blue dress for me. You know that I'm very selective with what I bring into my closet because I enjoy shopping my closet so much. Sometimes I do buy something new. Do you remember how in my last post I promised to show you what was in my shopping bag? Well, today I will do just that. The newly acquired item in my closet is a pleated blue dress with ruffled sleeves. It's from Croatian fashion brand Amadeus (aka AMDS). I've never collaborated with this brand, but I've written about them many times just because I like them so much. I browsed their website shop looking for this dress to link it up for you, but I didn't manage to find the exact one (maybe it sold). So, I will link up this dark blue pleated dress that is quite similar instead.  When I walked up in the store, this dress immediately caught my eye. It was on sale, but I would have bought it even if it wasn't because it is so perf