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Happy International Women's day!

Sretan dan žena! Happy International Woman's day ladies! Third art class and there it was....a statue that I'm quite familiar with because it has been starting at me from the pages of all those elementary school Croatian history books...or better said replica of the statue dating from 3rd century because the actual head is naturally in museum in Zagreb.  While attending an art course I recently started, I had hard time focusing on drawing of still life, but when I saw this fair lady, I thought to myself: 'Finally, something I can draw. A woman..or to be more precise a statue of a woman's head. Either way, what a relief!'   When it comes to Art women are my favourite subjects. As Elaine said in Cat's Eye ...I don't paint women because I'm a woman, I paint them because I'm a painter. Painters paint women. That's just the way it has always been.  I'm not exactly quoting but that was pretty m