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Hello dear readers, fellow bloggers and/or new/old visitors to my blog! Today we'll talk about layering and styling a metallic (gold) dress. Yesterday I showed you how I layered a pink vintage dress for late Summer/early Autumn. Today I'll show you how to layer and style a wrap metallic dress. Talking about layering and transitional fashion is one of my favourite things. I simply adore thinking about different ways to style an item. When it comes to fashion content on my blog, this is possibly my favourite topic. There's something so fun about thinking about different ways to wear an item. It's extra interesting if there's a challenge of some kind. Not that styling metallic dresses needs to be challenging. Some peple might find metallic items to be a bit 'flashy', but in that case, you can just opt for metallic details. Even if you go for a statement metallic dress, there are ways to dress it down. In fact, there are quite simple and practical ways to do it,