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We still have months of winter ahead of us, so discussing winter outwear seems appropriate. I've wanted to write this post for a while. I already discussed winter accessories with you. Now, the idea is to discuss my favourite winter coats and jackets with you. Hopefully, I'll give you some options to consider. Winter outwear is a big part of winter fashion. One could even argue that outwear is possibly the most important part of winter style. With a warm and stylish coat, you're more than half way there, one might say. 
So, that's what I'll talk about today. Nevertheless, this post will be mostly visual. I will share outfits featuring my favourite coats and jackets. In addition, I'll share some of my fashion illustrations as well. Considering that this post will be very photograph heavy, I'll try to keep the fashion talk short and just share why do I like certain winter garments and why I think they are useful. Feel free to share your winter style secrets …