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For the love of reading / Za ljubav prema čitanju......O živima sve najbolje , Milana Vuković Runjić

„ What about- the story? You asked, almost shyly. He glanced at you. Did you, perhaps, bring one of your own stories to show to him? You’re not crazy, you said. He seemed relieved: for nobody despises young, new literature more than a professor of literature. For them, after Ulysses no passage is worthy of attention.  Despite of that, they will continue debating the future of the novel. But not your novel. Mild interest, if there was any, dissolved together with cocoa.”      Don't speak ill of the living *,  Milana Vuković Runjić                                                                                * this book hasn't been translated to English yet, so I'm 'guessing' the title. In Croatian instead of  idiom 'don't speak ill of the dead',  we usually use this phrase  ' all the best about the dead'. The title of this book is a play on that idiom and its literal translation would be 'all the best about the living'. How it w