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What I Drew Today (Fashion Illustrations of the Day: Pencil & Something New)

Hello everyone. Today I finally managed to set aside some time for fashion drawing. I don't usually post my art right away, typically I wait for a while before I post it because that gives me an opportunity to reflect on it on my own, but this evening I'm going to make an exception. Today I have made 3 new drawings.  Plus, I've finally finished one of my old drawings ( I already showed you the almost finished version here ). So, I'm rather happy because I managed to do some drawing today. As the title implies, I'm about to share fashion illustration drawn with pencil. Scroll down to see them all. The medium is pencil on paper, hence the illustrations are black and white. However, I decided to give these fashion drawings a twist. This evening I decided to try something new. I played around with Pixlr for a bit and tried my hand at editing my art a bit.  Digital art is not something I tried in earnest. This is not digital art btw, this is just a