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Hi there! I have some new acrylic paintings that I would like to share with you. I will also post some old ones, and that would be that. The paintings I'm sharing will mostly be seascapes inspired by island Hvar and Croatian coastline but there is also one painting inspired by Neretva river. Like many a Dune protagonist (Dune as in Frank Herbert's SF series), I'm a sea child. I do love the sea, and I think it's an endless inspiration. However, I've also learned to appreciate river magic, so it is appropriate there is one river painting here as well. Scroll down to see more.  We'll start with this little painting titled Island Hvar. The medium is acrylic paints on mixed media paper. ( DIMENSIONS: 12 inches X 9 inches( 30.5 cm X 22.9 cm), weight: 90 lb (190 g/m2), the original painting isn't for sale, though. You can buy a similar original painting  here .)    It took me a few hours to finish this painting, I really tried to capture the sea movement in t