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Time for another fashion illustration post. This time I'm sharing a mixed print illustration based on one of my recently worn outfits. I finally bought some art supplies: two sketching blocks. As you may remember, I relied mostly on digital art in the past few months. I hardly ever left the island and there aren't that many art supply shops here. However, recently I had to go to Split for medical check ups and picked up the above mentioned blocks. If art is you hobby, it is a good idea to have a sketching block at hand because we're all pressed for time and you have to catch sketching opportunities when you can. Anyhow, I sketched this look with a ballpoint pen during my catamaran ride and I coloured it with watercolour pencils later on. I used Staedtler  Noris aquarell 144 10  watercolour pencils (not sponsored). I've had these watercolour pencils for about a year now and I'm quite happy with them. You can see the first fashion illustration I made with them here .