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Should We Retouch Our Art or Not? The Never Ending Dilemma ( Fashion illustrations in colour)

Lately I've been working hard on improving my art skills. I've been drawing and painting my days away you could say. I also did a lot of retouching, changing things I'm not happy with, trying to 'fix' some of my art. I already wrote about how this can be a difficult subject at best of times ( here ), but maybe this dilemma is something we need to do to practice balance.  Being critical of one's work, constantly reevaluating and questioning everything is obviously stressful, but it is probably inevitable if you want to keep creating. Perhaps it is how we learn.  Still, this 'should we redo/retouch our art or leave it as it is' is an never ending dilemma for me. Sometimes it seems better to start a new drawing inspired by the old one and 'redo' it in this way, and sometimes I can't resist making changes on the painting/drawing itself.  As I explain some time ago, it can be very tempting to constantly make changes, to keep retouching our