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  Hello readers and fellow bloggers!  Welcome Spring. What does Spring means to you?  To me, it means a great many things. This year, it meant a possibility of a longer spring break. As the school I'm currently teaching in is an International one, obviously this means different cultures and nationalities. We try to organize our school breaks in a way to meet everyone's cultural needs. This year we opted for a shorter winter break in favour of a longer spring one. Therefore, I have finally found some time for blogging.  I must say it's nice being able to finally visit your blogs and all. I love my work, I really do, but it can be incredibly draining and tiring. Long story short, I really needed this break. What else has a longer spring break entailed? Well, the possibility to visit my family and friends in Split and on island Hvar. I welcomed Spring on island Hvar. How do you welcome Spring? I'll tell you how I'm planning to welcome it as well. Besides the actual tra