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How to style a retro dress in a casual way? / Kako nositi retro haljinicu na ležeran način?

 My outfit of the day features a wonderful retro dress I got from CNdirect site .  When they offered to send me something, besides this lovely item I also ordered something for my photographer and that is this set of binoculars and this monocular telescope . I can't say that I'm an expert as far as binoculars go (all I can say is that I was able to see clearly while using them) but my photographer says their quality is in accordance with their price, that is not very high.  All items arrived timely and in good condition. I'm very satisfied with the quality of this dress, I only regret not ordering XL instead of L, but that's my fault, I always forget that I'm tall. Today I have opted for a sporty outfit but tomorrow I will show you a more dressed up version. Danas vam pokazujem divnu haljinu  u retro stilu koju sam dobila od CNdirect stranice. Kada su mi ponudili poslati nešto, osim nje naručila sam i nešto za svog fotografa, a to je ovaj dvogled i ovaj jedn