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In front of my grandmother's house (outfit post) / Ispred kuće moje bake (odjevna kombinacija)

 We're back in Gdinj. This time in front of my grandmother's house, not on her terrace. The origin of the world Gdinj is, most likely, to be found in an old Slavic word meaning forest. Indeed, this part of the island is very green. In the folllowing days, you will have the chance to learn a bit more about this little village as I plan to write about it in more detail. In the meantime, you can see last years posts here  and  here . Now, about the outfit.  I wore this outfit to church. This white skirt used to belong to my mother and I wore it over a dress. It's something I do often because I don't own enough tops. To make this retro and feminine outfit more interesting, I added a  faux leather and stone necklace I had made myself. You had the chance to read why stones fascinate me so much in my last post. Plus, I sure do love it when a necklace is a statement piece of an outfit Evo nas ponovo u Gdinju. Ovaj put ispred kuće moje bake, ne na njenoj taraci. Podrijetlo