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Share-in-Style: Flowers

Are you familiar with share- in- style organized by lovely Sacramento ? Today I'm finally able to join in thanks to my dear photographer. Yesterday I was amazed by the wonderful Kizzy and share-in-style look  and today I'm by all the other bloggers I have seen on All you have to do to join in is to include a link somewhere in your post. I hope I have done it right! I'm wearing a midi skirt (what a suprise;) and the theme of flowers is refected in my well as in the actual roses that I have picked in my garden a few seconds before the photographs were taken. Jeste li upoznati s share-in style koji organizira divna blogerica Sacramento ? Danas se konačno mogu pridružiti...tema je cvijeće, što se vidi u mom izboru modnih dodataka (uradi sam naravno, niste u to sumnjali, zar ne?). Jučer me oduševila prelijepa  Kizzy  i njena odjevna kombinacija, a danas i sve ostale koje sam vidjela na blogu . Priključite nam se!

Midi skirts/ suknje ispod koljena (fashion illustration/ modna ilustracija)

I know that by this time it is pretty obvious that I like midi skirts, especially pencil midi skirts...They have been featured in so many of my illustrations. What I like about them in particular is that they seem to fit every body type. (Should I do a post showing you the favorite midi skirts in my closet?)  Today I propose to you 3 different looks suitable for the Spring. The first girl is wearing some kind of light coat and sandals which I think is appropriate because in the Spring all kinds of things are possible. The weather has been a little crazy lately, have you noticed?  Yesterday to avoid overheating I wore a sleeveless summer dress and a faux leather coat over it (maybe it sounds crazy but it was windy but sunny and warm...that was the only way I could think of avoiding to be a smelly cat as a consequence of having to run from one place to another literally all day).  I hope your Saturday has started better than mine did (my back is killing me, too much sewing