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Hello readers and happy Sunday! The weather has been quite unpredictable lately, so I thought it would be a good idea to show you some transitional styling ideas. Today I will share with you seven outfits I wore in March and April (and that I haven't shared yet). I actually have a lot of outfit and (local) travel posts I haven't shared yet. I neglected outfit posts a bit, just because I have been so focused on my art. Sometimes it is for the better because I get to share lots of outfits at once and that's always fun. All of the items I wore are old (some more, some less), so it's all about shopping my closet really. Let's get started.  OUTFIT IDEA #1: LEOPARD DENIM JACKET , BLACK CORD JEANS,   VELVET POLONECK ,  BIKER BOOTS, CROSSOVER BAG I honestly have no memory of wearing this outfit, but it must have been pretty warm that day if I wore this leopard denim jacket. The weather has been changeable.  Judging by the photos, I look pretty happy with this outfit and I&#