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Two Outfits Featuring One Pair of Hand painted Jeans ( With Links To Old Posts Explaining 'How To Paint With Textile Paints?' )

Today I'm sharing two spring outfits with you. It is hard not to inspired by Spring, not to be moved by its vibrant energy. It is hard not to admire the beauty of flowers blossoming everywhere. That being the case, I figure we might as well let go and enjoy it while it lasts. Sometimes it is best not to fight certain pleasures in life, pleasures like this one, the joy of the definite arrival of spring. Spring is here and I can already sense the scent of summer in the air. Let's make the most out of it! OUTFIT NO.1 DENIM JACKET WORN WITH JEANS  The first outfit is all about denim. A pair of vintage (but hand painted by me) jeans worn with a denim jacket. I accessorized this casual outfit with a vintage scarf. You know how much I love scarves, right? This vintage scarf is one of my favourite ones. This was a very comfy outfit to wear, it kind of made me wonder why I don't wear jeans more often. My significant other is always telling me I should wear jeans more