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Florals are forever.....Cvjetni uzorak zauvijek.....

We all know that consuming fruit and vegetables is healthy. However, did you know that grapes contain powerful antioxidants that may reduce the danger of cancer? Did you know that grapes are considered 'super food' because they contain so many healthy ingredients? Did you know that consuming red grapes (and or red wine) can lower the risk of heart problems and also help you with acne problems? Due to anti-inflammatory effects of ingredients found in grapes , eating it can even help you combat allergies. Its consumption is also linked with a lower risk of diabetes, but remember that this applies to consumption of fresh fruit (not just grapes but other fruits) and not the sweeten juices.  Sure, fruit juices can be healthy too, but they increase the sugar intake (especially those juices that contain refined sugar) , so people who are overweight or suffer from diabetes should decrease their consummation of juices and increase their consummation of fruit in its original form.  You