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Fashion illustration Friday

Fashion illustration Friday has a nice ring to it, don't you think? As you can see, I still dream of colourful winter, at least as clothes and accessories are concerned. As for weather, I don't mind the white Christmas (yet I rarely dream of white Christmas to be honest) or the snowy winter, but I'm not sad that we haven't had any snow this year...and really happy about the sunny days and arrival of the spring. Kao što vidite, još sanjam šarenu zimu, barem što se odjeće i modnih dodataka tiče. Što se vremena time, nemam ništa protiv bijelog Božića ili snijega, ali nisam tužna što nismo imali snijega ove godine...i jako sam sretna zbog sunčanih dana i dolaska proljeća.                                                                                DIY Ring                                                                     Prsten koji sam izradila  To make it, I have used fimo. I decorated it with nail polishes. Za izradu koristila sam fimo masu, a za

outfit post: tartan pants- odjevna kombinacija- karirane hlače

I'm not Scottish, but wearing tartan makes me feel like a  brave heart. ( reference to the movie intended)  Why? I guess because wearing tartan can be a challenge especially if you want to dress it up. Tartan will definitely not make you look slimmer  but in may make you look fabulous if you give it a chance. If not, you can always chose this pattern for accessories. You might have noticed that I have a special place in my heart for tartan. What to say about the rest of the outfit? 3 words that make me happy: leather, turtleneck and tartan. *tar·tan  1     (tär tn) n. 1. a.  Any of numerous textile patterns consisting of stripes of varying widths and colors crossed at right angles against a solid background, each forming a distinctive design worn by the members of a Scottish clan. b.  A twilled wool fabric or garment having such a pattern. 2.  A plaid fabric. [Middle English  tartane , possibly from Old French  tiretaine ,  linsey-woolsey , probably fro