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transitional outfit/ kombinacija za vrijeme između

Do know that weather when it is too cold to wear just a sweater but it is too warm to wear a jacket? What do you do when days are warm and sunny but windy? What is the solution to this wardrobe problem? Well, an oversize scarf is a lovely solution. Speaking of which, I have a secret to share with you. This oversize blue tartan scarf is actually a tablecloth. Its cost was equal to two cups of coffee  yet I've been wearing it non stop since I bought two years ago (if I remember correctly). It is soft and warm...and really isn't it all in our head? Sometimes we are prepared to spend a lot of money on something just because it is trendy or advertised frequently and we may very well have a very similar or exactly the same item in our closet. Sometimes there is no difference between a tablecloth, oversize scarf, pareo or whatever. Things are, more often than not, what they make them to be. For those interested, the locations for shooting were city park and Spanish square in Mostar.