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DIY necklace and a floral dress (outfit post)/ Uradi sam ogrlica i cvjetna haljina ( odjevna kombinacija)

DIY projects Dress: no name, necklace: made by me, belt: made by me, bracelet:  Serena Kuhl  , tights: Jadran, heels: no name+ DIY All of you that follow by blog have probably noticed how much I enjoy DIY projects. Not only when it comes to clothes, but pretty much applied to anything else. To know that I can make something by myself makes me happy just as this 'little place to call my own' does. Today I'm showing you an outfit with two DIY features. One is a green necklace you already had a chance of seeing here  and the other one is the pair of shoes on which I have drawn circles (because I love patterns and hence shoes that have them) The floral dress I'm wearing you already had a change of seeing in an outfit post   here and here and here . The dress itself has proved itself to be quite practical, it requires no ironing and can be worn in all seasons (if you layer it properly). Plus I'm really happy because I have bought it two sized b