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Photography (Spring is in the air) / Fotografija (Proljeće se osjeti u zraku)

Nature is getting ready to sing its ode to Spring once again. The instruments are tuned and the composition has already started (or so it seems). There is a switch in the rhythm, a change manifested in the air and the warmth that has started to crawl up our skin when the sun is at its peak. The air however is still fresh. Surely up in the mountains the songs of ice and snow are still sang. The river has gotten enormous, like a snake that has eaten more then it should. I know what it means...the magically white snow in the mountains is melting...and I wonder how is it that the older I get my eyes seem to get more and more curious. I carry my cam to the supermarket with me, taking a shortcut trough an abandoned railway... and today again on my way to the store I steal a moment to glance at the shiny reflections on the water. I try  to store every image in my head (without intention), for what purpose I'm not sure... Shapes, colours...they seem so