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Ruffles and flower print (outfit post) / Volani i cvjetni uzorak (odjevna kombinacija)

Ruffles are one of the spring trends that I really like. I don't wear them often and to be honest I think ruffles can be a bit tricky to combine (or perhaps I just need additional practice). When this trend is concerned, a little goes a long way I would say. Ruffles create volume so you might want to be careful with that. The trick I think is to have them in the right places (peplum dress being the ideal example). When I think of ruffles, I get this idea of femininity in my head...just like when I think about floral print. So when I saw (last spring) this shirt  that combines the two I had to have it. The rest of the outfit I had kept pretty simple with minimal jewellery (wedding ring, watch and tiny earrings). This skirt is very practical and I like the length.  It can also be worn lower on the waist but if you ask me a high waist is a women's best friend. This is the first time this year that my legs are bare and I have to say it is funny to see them this pale. I've often