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Heaven on Earth( island Hvar, bays Torac and Tvrdni dolac) / Raj na zemlji ( uvale Torac i Tvrdni dolac)

Welcome to heaven on earth. These images were taken in bays Torac and Tvrdni dolac. I spoke to you about my little village Gdinj. Well, like most villages situated on this part of the island Hvar, it is located on the middle of the island. About thirty bays on each side of the island belong to Gdinj, that is they form a vital part of it. This kind of arragements is nothing out of the ordinary. It was quite common in the old days to have two houses, one by the sea and one in the village. It was actually a necessity because people had so much land to farm that they had no time to go back to the village to spend the night. In addition, everyone was a fisherman in those days, so that is another reason why they had to have a house by the sea. Consequently, the majority of houses in Gdinj's bays are at least a hundred years old. Today most of these houses are available for rent ( to tourists) during the Summer. Fortunately, there are only a handful of houses in each of Gdinj's bay