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Hello dear readers and/or fellow bloggers. Today I'm back with one of those posts where I show you X ways to wear an item. The clothing item of the day is a seaweed green dress with a subtle floral pattern. The pattern on this dark green dress is quite lovely, but that's not the only reasons why I love it. The material it's made of is a bit on a warm side, so I often wear it during the colder months as well. A dress with such a simple cut is ideal for layering. I wear it all the year around. This dress has been in my closet for years. It's by a small local Croatian brand (perhaps better to call it a small business) Moda in. I have quite a few of Moda in items, they've got such cute and yet very affordable stuff. Back in April (or March, not entirely sure on that one), I wore this seaweed green dress for hiking in Vrboska, island Hvar. I like how my outfit matches the colours of my surroundings, it wasn't intentional. I paired this dress with white 'ugly'