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Hello readers! Today I'm taking you to fortress of medieval king Stjepan Kosaca. This fortress overlooking Blagaj village (near Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina) is simply a must visit for lovers of history. This fortress is known under two names: Blagaj fort and Stjepan grad (Stjepan's town). Dating back to 15th century, this gorgeous historical town-fortress is well worth the climb. It is officially protected and listed among national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  We visited it earlier this March with some friends. We drove to Blagaj (blogged about it  here ), asked the locals for directions and went our way up. You can drive up to a certain point, but then you have to climb your way up. It is not a long climb, about half an hour in my estimation. The views while you climb are beautiful but once you enter the fortress, the panorama becomes simply incredible. The panoramic view from the top of the fortress is one of the most beautiful I have seen in my life.  I'm n