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Urban Fashion Illustration: Pretty in Pink ( A Brunette in a Pink Dress)

To start with, here comes  my new fashion illustration of the day. A Brunette in a Pink Dress is a mixed media painting. For most part it's a watercolour painting but I added some finishing touches with the coloured pencils. The painting was inspired by Autumn, the beautiful season we are currently enjoying. If you look closely, you'll see that I've also painted puddles. A bit of the black watercolour  paint I is spilling from the illustrated cowboy boots, but that's how imagined it.  Mixed Media Fashion Illustration  As the title suggests, the painting depicts a girl wearing a pink dress. There is a bit of layering going on. What is she wearing over her pink shirt dress? Why, a warm vest. Autumn is all about layering. Our illustrated girl also choose to wear dark brown tights and black cowboy boots. She is also holding a bouquet of flowers. How to Wear a shirt dress in Autumn? This would be my illustrated answer. Pair it with leggings or tights and cow