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Handsewing a Barbie Coat: Our Barbie Is Ready For the Cold (DIY Project Of the Day)

This Barbie coat was a spur of the moment kind of DIY project, so I didn't take photographs of the sewing process. I just measured the fabric, made sure I had enough material and sewed it all together. Because I wanted to make a Barbie coat with an oversize collar, I basically just hemmed a piece of fabric and then added sleeves. I didn't cut out the fabric around the neck because I wanted that oversize cut. After hemming, I measured where Barbie's hands were supposed to be, cut out little holes, hemmed them and then I sewed the sleeves together and attached them to the coat. I hope I explained it  well enough. That's pretty much it. I basically improvised this coat but all is well that ends well.  I'm thinking about using Barbie clothing patterns. Yes, those actually exist and you can find them online for free. I'll look into this Barbie clothing business a bit more as soon as I find the time. Maybe I'll even try to make something that will be a bit mo

Wearing A Floral Crown, But Being Aware It Is Still Winter: Outfit Post of the Day

I always wanted to try wear a floral crown and with the help of right placement on some of these photographs it looks like I am even if in reality the only thing I'm rocking are boxer braids. One of the reasons why I'm fascinated by floral crowns (and braids for that matter) is that they are a part of European folklore. I love studying folklore, it is such a fascinating field. I always wanted to wear one of those beautiful folklore floral crowns. In this case, however, the floral crown effect was almost accidental. 'Don't move!', he said and I had no idea why until I took a look at these photographs. 'See, it looks like you're wearing a floral crown' he said. Imaginary floral crown, but a very pretty one. Beats those Snapchat filters for sure. These images were actually taken back in January. These Japanese almond trees blossomed as early as January. It was on the news and everything, almond trees blossoming in January. I didn't want to share these