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Layering in Spring time....Slojevito odijevanje u proljeće....

Today I have prepared a transitional outfit for you. Considering how temperemental weather is these days, it seems appropriate to post a transitional outfit like this one. I know that Summer is approaching but when weather has a mind of its own, we must act accordingly. Anyway, I decided to wear a purple dress under a purple sweater. I always try to find ways to wear summer dresses during Spring. On top of that I wore a man's blazer that I originally ordered for my significant other. The only jewellery I wore is this lovely necklace I ordered ages ago from this site . I wear it quite often and I think this type of statement necklace really comes in handy. How was your weekend? Mine was fine, despite the stomach bug. Fingers crossed that it goes away soon. P.S. In case you're wondering about the location, it is once again Bunica recreational zone (which is located near Mostar, BIH). Danas sam za vas pripremila prijelaznu odjevnu kombinaciju. S obzirom na to kako je promjenj