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How to Wear a Black Maxi Dress in Summer / Summer Style Tips / Strolling Split 3 Outfit Proposal

Hiding from the sun a bit with my hat, sunnies and a maxi dress. As much as I love the sun, sometimes there is such a thing as too much, don't you agree?  Sometimes the sun is simply too strong and we need to rely on clothes to provide us with additional protection. Maxi dresses are very popular during the summer months- and with a good reason, I might add. Dresses and sneakers, that's been my fashion mantra lately. My summer style tips often revolves around comfort. It doesn't get much comfortable than wearing a cotton dress and converse style sneakers, does it? A black dress is always a neutral choice, and if you want a bit of colour, you can always accessorize, like I did here by opting for a striped hat and a printed tote bag.   My sneakers are not actually converse, in fact I don't even own a pair of converse sneakers, because there is only as much as I'm willing to pay for a pair of sneakers made of rubber and textile. Their price these day seems a bit

Best 6 Dresses For Prom!

PROM DRESS SHOPPING GUIDE: 6 DRESS STYLES YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH!  Looking for a prom dress?  Here are prom dress styles that you can't go wrong with. I do love checking out prom dresses. It must be my love for special occasion and formal dresses. The fact that I've been making formal wear fashion illustration since I can remember also might have something to do with that. Princess vibes and all that. I'm sure you get the appeal of browsing through pretty dresses. Today I'm talking prom styles with a selection of prom dresses from  online store  Angrila . Scroll down to see some eye candy in the form of fabulous dresses. 1. TWO COLOUR COCKTAIL DRESS WITH LACE DETAILS Can't decide on the colour of your prom dress? That's not a problem as you can always choose a multi or two coloured dress. My first suggestion is this white and fuchsia cocktail dress with lace details. A combination of white and fuchsia is both romantic and eye- catching. Cute and g