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New bridge (outfit post)/ Novi most (odjevna kombinacija)

It was just a walk. I wore the first thing that came to my mind. I didn't wear any make up. The weather was gloomy, cloudy and rainy. We didn't plan to take any photographs. However, now I'm happy we did. Perhaps these are one of my favourite photographs ever. When the sun started setting, I was reminded of how magical Mostar can be in Autumn....with its gold trees and many rivers, with its unbelievably warm days and cold evening, with its ducks playing in Neretva....while I was watching them from this new bridge (still under construction) and as the sun made its appearance only a few moments before it set under the hills, I realized why I love Autumn so much. It is a season of change, but that change is as beautiful as it can possibly be. Now, I only need to remember what I like about Winter....and build myself a bridge towards that new season. What do you like about Winter? Are you ready for it? Bila je to samo šetnja. Obukla sam prvo što mi je došlo pod ruku i nisam