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Dresslink (wishlist /popis želja) Valentine's day

Who was Saint Valentine's? Why do we celebrate his day?  Saint Valentine  ( Italian :  San Valentino ;  Latin :  Valentinus ) was a 3rd-century Roman  saint , commemorated in Western  Christianity  on February 14 and in  Eastern Orthodoxy  on July 6. From the  High Middle Ages ,  his feast day  has been associated with a tradition of  courtly love . He is also a  patron saint  of  Terni ,  epilepsy  and  beekeepers . [2] [3]  Saint Valentine was a clergyman – either a priest or a  bishop  – in the  Roman Empire  who ministered to  persecuted Christians . [4]  He was  martyred  and his body buried on the  Via Flaminia  on February 14, which has been observed as the  Feast of Saint Valentine  (Saint Valentine's Day) since at least the eighth century. [5] Relics of him were kept in the  Church and Catacombs of San Valentino  in  Rome , which "remained an important pilgrim site throughout the Middle Ages until the relics of St. Valentine were transferred to the church of  Sant