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Illustrating a Catwalk Look From Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2018 Collection (Fashion illustration of the Day: Watercolour)

Today I'm back with a new fashion illustration. Once again, the medium is watercolour and pencil on paper. Once again, I'm not sure will I make any alternations, but I wanted to share this one as it is. I can always change it up a little bit if I want to. Plus, this is a pretty good way to show you what caught my eyes the most when we're talking about collections. I mean if I illustrated something, then you know it caught my eye, right? This time I illustrated a runaway look from Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2018 collection. How do you like it?  I absolutely love this look. I think this was my first time illustrating one of Stella McCartney's designs but I do love her work. In my view, she is an absolutely original designer and I do respect that. Stella McCartney's not only creative, she is also a very environmentally friendly designer. She always makes sure that her collections are sustainable and I do admire that. Sustainability in fashion is important!